Legal Investigations Group

3245 Main St. #235-206
Frisco TX 75034 United States

Commercial Collection Agency, Nationwide & Int'l, 5 Day Debt Recovery

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Legalinvestigationsgroup Reviews | Avg. Rating : 5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews.

texasbizman1828 - reviewed 9 years ago

I don't know what you say or do to collect, but you got an account collected that told us they would NEVER pay us!  When we seen the check in our mail box we were blown away! Thank you Legal Investigations Group.

Mark B.

sarah_81h - reviewed 9 years ago

Legal Investigations Group handled a sensitive account for us and did it with the upmost respect.  The debtor not only paid, but said that they would like to use them as well from how they handled our case.  GOOD JOB!  

Construction Co.
Sarah B.-Owner

carla72cares - reviewed 9 years ago

"Please note – the following accounts have been turned over to my “Pitbull”…………"

Carla-Large Advertising Agency

Zack2820mac - reviewed 9 years ago

Legal Investigations Group really can collect!  I gave them a 3 year old account that in my mind was a write-off.  They collected it in a short time!  Debtor paid us direct out of nowhere!  I will use them again and not wait 3 years next time to get my money.

Wholesale Trade Company-CA

SmylieB - reviewed 9 years ago

"Thanks for all your hard work on the account we placed. He has mailed a check to us. We can now finally get this behind us. If we get stiffed in the future I KNOW who to call...Thanks"


Ron8293 - reviewed 12 years ago

Thank you so much for the great work you and the group did in getting John Beck's Mentoring of America refund back.  You were able to do for me in two weeks, what I couldn't do in two years!

You guys are #1 in my book, and I recomend you to anyone with a problem collecting what is owed them. I had almost given up and am so glad that you were there for me to end this nightmare.  

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Ron H