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Asiandate Reviews | Avg. Rating : 4.75 out of 5, based on 25 reviews.

Michael - reviewed 6 years ago

Asian Date wasn't my first choice when i decided i'm into oriental beauties, but after quite a few unsuccessful dating sites I turned to this one. It took me about 3 months of sending messages back and forth before I met Quinn whom I dated for half a year (we broke up). Now I am back, after learning my lesson and I'm still quite satisfied. 

Christian - reviewed 6 years ago

i absolutely adore Asian Women so I had to join Asian Date to see if there's a lady out there for me! To my surprise, there are plenty of Asian beauties who love to date Caucasians! I was overwhelmed with joy and still am! Japanese are my favorite!

Shawn - reviewed 6 years ago

At first I was a little bit sceptical when I saw all the gorgeous ladies writing to myself. But then, after I video chatted with quite a few of them, lost all the doubts I have ever had. I'm still on the chatting part but I hope I'll be meeting someone soon.

Marcel - reviewed 6 years ago

I first signed up for asian date 2 months ago and so far i can't complain. The only reason for my 4 star review instead of 5 stars is the price. I somehow think it will be worth it at the end. I have plenty of girls to chat with all the time so it's kinda hard to choose your favourite, which is not a bad thing at all. Trust me on that one. You usually struggle to find a girl you like to talk to. Not on Asian Date.

Mario - reviewed 6 years ago

AsianDate.com is THE BEST DATING SITE if you're into oriental beauties. I like chatting with them and sending them gifts through the website. I hope I'll find the one to marry!

Matt - reviewed 6 years ago

I have been wondering where I can find some Asian Ladies to date and then i stumbled across AsianDate and I am impressed! I can't think of a better dating site to meet beautiful Asian Women!

Jake - reviewed 6 years ago

Awesome website! I had some minor issues and i am so pleased with their customer service - they solved my problem within 12 hours! I am so happy I got to chat with some of the most beautiful women in the world - just gorgeous - check it out yourself.

Alan - reviewed 6 years ago

AsianDate is a hub of the most beautiful women of the world! If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Henry - reviewed 6 years ago

AsianDate.com is the best dating site for finding love with oriental women! I'm still having a lot of fun on the website and still haven't decided when I am going to meet in person with couple of my favourites, but when I do - I'm sure they won't disappoint. Great to see so many good looking women on 1 dating site. I'm completely in love!

Chris - reviewed 6 years ago

I'm a fan of all that is beautiful. I like both Anastasia and Asian Date equally. First I joined Anastasia and then I found about this gem. Active member on both sites and I couldn't be more satisfied.

Peter - reviewed 6 years ago

Had a blast. Was on 3 dates and now I think I have found the ONE. For the cheapskates that cannot afford to spend $100 buck to find their wife...well lets just say they never will. Don't pay attention to the negative posts...they probably deserved what they got.

Steve - reviewed 6 years ago

Great dating site for meeting cool asian people......met some very nice friends from this.....you do have to pay for the membership but its reasonable. If you like asian cultures - chinese, filipino or thai or indian or anyother asian....youre gonna be happy with this one....recommend this.

Johnny - reviewed 6 years ago

I have found that the ladies are so polite and friendly coming from Asia. I hope that all goes well but for now this is a great site to use if you are interested in Asian girls. It may be a little expensive for some but I got lucky in finding one and hit it off from the start.

Mark - reviewed 6 years ago

When I first signed up for Asiandate.com I was overwhelmed by the amount of people to talk to. Its really about choices and on this site they are unlimited!

Sebastian - reviewed 7 years ago

This service is the best. Thanks to their perfect work, I could overcome all my fears with meeting new gorgeous women, flirt with them and make serious relations. Thanks a lot!

Adam S - reviewed 7 years ago

I can't get why there are so many negative reviews on AsianDate. The web site is really good for new acquaintances. The interface is to use but not too primitive. I use this service with great pleasure.

Mathys Laurent - reviewed 7 years ago

Most people have had doubts about getting into online dating. They wonder if sites are authentic if it costs too much if the people are real. In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the most popular online dating portals - AsianDate. Is it a secure site? Do people get verified and how? What services does it offer? Let's take a closer look.

AsianDate is an online dating portal that caters to men who are interested in dating Asian women specifically. It was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple who, thanks to their personal experience saw the need for high-quality international online dating services. Back in the day, this portal was among the few offering help to cross-cultural and cross-national daters. Let's get into what the portal offers:

Demographics: Female members are based in Asian countries, and their age ranges from the early 20s up to women in their 40s. The average age of women on the site is 26 years of age. The men tend to be older. 40 and above is the average age for the gentlemen.

Signing Up: The women are pre-screened before they have access to the site. Their identity and information provided for their profile are verified. That is on of the ways AsianDate protects their members - verification means greater safety.

Search: A member can conduct a search by their age, as well as the women's age. Further more, the search feature allows searches based on country, heigh and weight range, if a person has kids or not, English language skills, Video Date status and much more.

Pricing: Members can communicate with others by acquiring credits. Credits can be spent on translation services, various communication methods and several other account functions such as viewing the videos of ladies.

Thiebault - reviewed 7 years ago

A pretty unique site when compared to the many others. For one thing, it offers translation services. I mean that is pretty amazing. That is truly looking out for the members. It costs something though. Depending on what your needs are, it may well be worth your while

Abraham - reviewed 7 years ago

It had been a dream of mine to date an Asian woman. I know it is offensive to hint at having so-called yellow fever, but that is what happened to me. I've always seen myself partnered up with a woman from that region. That is what brought me to this site. It stands out from others that offer the chance of meeting Asian women in several ways. 
It is easy to use; there are plenty of fun features that keep things interesting, and the women are lovely. I'm hopeful that I will soon come across the right person for me.

Jesse - reviewed 7 years ago

They have a huge member base. So many women to talk to. There is a twist though - you gotta pay for access. I don't know what to make of the prices since I don't know other paid sites. Looks professional though.

Sebastian - reviewed 7 years ago

This service is the best. Thanks to their perfect work, I could overcome all my fears with meeting new gorgeous women, flirt with them and make serious relations. Thanks a lot!

Neil - reviewed 7 years ago

We had a great 6 months together. Thus the service has some real beautiful people . Just over 6 months to the first day we met on asiandate.com I proposed to her . Now we are planning our dream wedding with our friends and family. All because I sent an email on asiandate.com to a woman, who attracted me at once. I am so happy that this service helped to bring us together. Thanks a lot for her!

Lucky Guy - reviewed 8 years ago

I spent only four months on this site before I found Thao, my now long-term girlfriend. I saw her profile picture and was hooked right away. I wrote her an email which she responded to in less than twenty-four hours. Luckily, she speaks good enough English, so language barrier was no issue for us. 
We spent hours chatting back and forth through the site until making the decision to get together in person. I planned a vacation to Vietnam, where she resided at the time, and we spent an amazing two weeks together. I left knowing that I want this girl to be my partner.
When I got back, we spent only a couple of months doing the so-called dating online and then I asked her to come to the States so I could introduce her to my family. 
Things went well - so well, in fact, that I proposed to her at my aunt's house. She said YES! Perhaps there are better dating sites out there; I don't know. All I know is that without that site I wouldn't have found my girl.

C. - reviewed 8 years ago

I personally know a guy who met his girlfriend on asiandate.com. Lucky for him, he didn't have to travel far as his sweetheart lived in the States, but they did spend five weeks getting to know each other through the website. C

Bill P - reviewed 9 years ago

I experienced such a fantastic time on a trip to Bangkok arranged by Asiandate. Everything ended up being greater than I could have expected. I did meet my soulmate and future wife. I have already asked her be together with me. I have already asked her be together me and she has agreed.