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old creekybones - reviewed 10 years ago

Thinking of an Akuma Assasin mk3 125, thoughts plz

It'll be for me (37) to potter around some fields and hopefully get my daughter interested,she's 11, ive read the "oh no it'll rattle apart" but if a loose nut here and a loose bolt there is all its neg, threadlock will fix it.

Bear in mind I wont be racing,taking it serious, just having a bit of fun on the Kind Farmers land and the track he built in that land.

So, for a cheapo to get kiddo interested,and me reliving my teens(although I had 2 KMX125'S back then) wish I still had em.

yay or nay? runabout for fun remember on a field mainly.

Company Response

You definitely will not regret going for the Akuma Assassin It is an absolutely brilliant entry level field bike... Please take a look out our video to see the Akuma Assassin MK3 125cc in action... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS-CQVNg4fU